Industrial Services

3 Benefits of Epoxy Floors in Warehouses

Learn about high-performance epoxy services in Vienna, VA

The floor in your warehouse or garage needs to be able to withstand heavy equipment, foot traffic and stains. Get protective flooring with Noballoy Inc in Vienna, VA. We can install high-performance epoxy or decorative concrete for your business.

High-performance epoxy flooring is beneficial for industrial locations because it's:

  1. Slip-resistant
  2. Stain-resistant
  3. Damage-resistant

We have a wide range of epoxy types and styles for you to choose from. Let us know what you imagine for your industrial location by emailing us today.

Make your beak room more inviting

Your employees keep your business moving. Give them a better space to relax in by hiring us to update your break room with decorative concrete services. We can install a shiny new floor with epoxy or cover your concrete floor with an overlay. There are plenty of options within our decorative concrete services to suit your business.

Email us to learn more about our decorative flooring options.